Dear Sr T and my fellow Oblates in formation,

Happy Feast of the Annunciation!

May it be done onto me according to Your word!

Just a note to say that in spending time with Jesus and St Paul of the Cross in “A Lenten Journey”, I find myself growing to love St Paul. His spirituality touches me so, moves my heart through the power of the Holy Spirit! How amazing the way God uses us as His instruments for the salvation of souls! What an honor to be used in such a way! What joy and fullness of freedom God gifts to us simply by being in His will!

“Glory to God for ALL things”

love to all,



Lent, Immigrants & the Passion


If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.  

This passage from Luke, along with the letter in yesterday’s reading from St. Paul’s Lenten Journey book, really struck a chord in me.  And as I have been praying the rosary today, meditating on the Sorrowful Mysteries, I begin to realize some of the pain and suffering our brothers and sisters in Christ are experiencing this Lent, and how closely they are associated with our Crucified Jesus, suffering in the Garden.

I have friends, and maybe you do as well, who are so-called ‘undocumented immigrants.’  They are beautiful, holy, devout, Catholic people, devoted to God, our Church and their brothers and sisters in Christ.  They are peaceful, hard workers and they are beloved by God.  They came to this country for a better life, and due to politics and circumstances, through no fault of their own, have been unable to become citizens, even though they have tried.  They have young children who are citizens, and they are living in fear of opening their door to ICE and being ripped away from their sons and daughters, and from the country where they have worked and paid taxes for more than 3 decades.  ICE vehicles have been seen in the neighborhood.

These people, and all who are like them, need our prayers.  The vast number of immigrants are hard workers.  They are not criminals or taking advantage of government programs.  They are our brothers and sisters in Christ and they are living in the Agony of the Garden.  They are praying that that this cup will pass, but only God knows the future.  There is panic and worry for the children who will be left behind if they are imprisoned and deported.  There is an unsettled feeling of constant fear and anxiety, not knowing the future, but feeling as though they are being hunted like animals, without respite.

We know by faith, that God always brings great good out of evil if He permits bad things to happen in our lives.  The Death of Christ brought life to the world, and we are called to resemble our Crucified Savior.  We are called to trust even in the worst circumstances,  to remain at peace, submitting all to God and His Divine Providence.  But it is not easy.  Jesus Himself sweat blood in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Why did He suffer?  Was He sweating blood for fear of what was to become of Him?  Was He sweating blood for anxiety over the souls who be lost throughout the ages because they refused to repent and believe in the Gospel He preached?  I do not have the answer.  But I know all who love Him wish they could comfort him in His sorrow and suffering.  We can do that in real time now with our prayers, but even more so by seeing Him in those who are suffering around us, and comforting them with our words and kindness and help.

Please, I beg you, let us pray with great fervor for our fellow pilgrims on the journey, that they will be at peace in this time of great need, and will be protected from separation from their loved ones, especially their young children.  And let us pray also, that if God does not permit this cup to pass, that they will be safe and will find peace in accepting His Divine Will for them, their families and their futures.  May God’s Will be done for them and for us.

St. Paul of the Cross, lover of the Divine Will, pray for us.

Your sister in Jesus and Mary,




Sister Teresita Personal Note

Forty days of diary entries, I hope that as you read them you were able to relate on St. Paul of the Cross’s experiences. I believe that his experiences were very human and most of us probably experience to some degree what he went through.

It is my hope that as we get to know St. Paul of the Cross more that each of us will take on this journey of knowing our Jesus crucified in our every day life.

Happy New Year to each one of you and may 2017 guide us even more so in the footsteps of Jesus and Mary.

Sister Teresita

Continuation of Diaries (27)

Wednesday January 1, 1721 – Through the infinite love of our dear God I was raised up in spirit to great recollection and many tears especially after Holy Communion during which I felt keenly the sweetness of holy love. It seemed to me that I was melting away in God.

With great confidence, without weariness and with exceeding sweetness, I was telling all my woes to Jesus. I told him of the scruples I had felt with regard to a vow I had made deprived the body of unnecessary pleasures. Then I told him but he knows already, that when I am hungry I feel pleasure in eating even a piece of dry bread; whereupon I heard an intruder voice say gently: but this is necessary. Then I felt as if my heart would break and I burst into most tender loving tears.

I also had knowledge of the soul united in a bond of love to the Sacred Humanity and at the same time dissolved and raised to the deep and conscious, felt knowledge of the Divinity. For since Jesus is both God and Man the soul can not be united in love to the Sacred Humanity without being at the same time dissolved and brought to a deep and conscious, felt knowledge of the Divinity.

This wondrous and exulted marvels cannot possibly be set down or explained, even by one who has experienced it. It is impossible because the soul understands that God wills these gentle experiences and exceedingly high marvels because he who is infinite helps the soul to understand these things- but to describe them afterwards is utterly impossible. These are things which are experienced and comprehended in an instant, at least so it seems to the soul; for even if they should last for a full thousand years it would, in my opinion, seem less than an instant because the soul is in its Infinite Good. It desires nothing else but His glory and His love and that He be feared and loved by all.

I have had other very special graces especially in contemplating the holy mystery of the Circumcision. Likewise, when serving mass, I had such a deep light on the great love which God displays towards me, and on my misery, my ingratitude, my whole life, that I did not venture to raise my eyes to look upon the picture of Mary and always with abundance of tears mingled with great sweetness especially in seeing my Spouse, Jesus, present in the Blessed Sacrament.

Continuation of Diaries (25)

Monday December 30, 1720 – I was at first recollected, and then at Holy Communion particularly recollected and also moved to tears. Afterwards for the rest of the day I was plagued with distractions by thoughts of things in the future the enemy represented to me that great tribulations would befall me especially with regard to my family. I was also very down cast.

In all things may the Will of our God be done. Amen.

Continuation of Diaries (24)

Sunday December 29, 1720 – In prayer by night I was at peace also a little distracted. I had special recollection in offering his most holy life, death, and passion, as also in my petitions, especially for heretics.

I had a particular impulse to pray for the conversion of England, especially because I want the standard of the holy Faith to be erected so that there will be an increase of devotion and reverence, of homage and love, with frequent acts of adoration for the Blessed Sacrament, ineffable mystery of God’s most holy love, and so that his holy Name may be glorified in a very special way.  The desire to die as martyr, especially for the Blessed Sacrament in some place where people do not believe, does not leave me.

At Holy Communion I was almost without feeling and then distractions came on as well. Later in the evening I was recollected and felt moved to make reparation for irreverence’s, especially in the Church, feeling inspired to remedy these by admonitions, as indeed by God’s grace I have been in the habit of doing. I felt inspired to say; “Ah, my dear Jesus, would that we flee instantly from this Church and that angels would carry away the Blessed Sacrament to a place where it would not be thus profaned by irreverence’s and grave misdeed!”

I asked him to give me the grace to shed tears of blood- something I greatly desire.

Continuation of Diaries (23)

Saturday December 28, 1720 – Feast of the Holy Innocents. In the morning I was dry and suffered from headaches. I remained thus for a while until the long- for a moment of Holy Communion had come, after which I was moved by the infinite goodness to deepest recollection and to intense loving aspiration and colloquies with our beloved Spouse.

Then I recalled the flight into Egypt made with such lack of comfort, with such suffering, and the sorrow of Mary and Joseph, but especially of Mary. Within my poor soul there was a mingling of sorrow and love with many tears and much sweetness.

Of all this the soul has deep infused understanding, sometimes of all at the same time, sometimes of one mystery only. But it understands these things in a moment, without bodily forms or even imaginary ones. God infuses them into the soul by a work of his infinite mercy and love. In the very same moment in which the soul understands this in the most elevated fashion, it either rejoices or is sorrowful according to the mystery. In the majority of cases there is always a mingling of holy satisfaction.

Later in the evening I had special sorrow for my great sins and failings, for my innumerable shortcomings, knowing myself to be an abyss of ingratitude. During the day I had also special knowledge of myself. I know that I told my Divine Savior that I could call myself nothing other than a miracle of his infinite mercy.

May His holy Name be praised and magnified by all. Amen.

Continuation of Diaries (22)

Friday December 27, 1720 – Feast of St. John, Apostle and Evangelist. Through the infinite goodness of God I enjoyed great repose and tenderness especially at Holy Communion. Through infused understanding and the deepest consolation of the spirit I enjoyed a certain spiritual repose, mingled with the suffering of the redeemer in which my soul takes its delight. There was a mingling of love and sorrow. On this point I cannot give a clearer explanation because it is impossible to explain.

During the time I was serving mass and while I beheld Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, I kept asking him to send the Seraphim to pierce me through with darts of love. This comes from the loving impulses which the infinite mercy imparts to the heart.

I also asked him to allow me to cleanse my thirst for his love by allowing me to drink from the infinite font of his most sacred heart- but this last happened to me at Holy Communion.

Continuation of Diaries (21)

Thursday December 26, 1720 – Feast of St. Stephen, Martyr. I experienced a special uplifting of soul especially at Holy Communion. I wanted to go to die a martyr’s death in a place where the adorable mystery of the Blessed Sacrament is denied. The infinite Goodness has given me this wish for sometime passed but today I had it in a special manor, for I desired the conversion of heretics, especially of England with the neighboring kingdom and I offer a special prayer for this at Holy Communion.

I had also special understating of the infinite mercy, our Sovereign Good making me realize the greatness of His love in inflicting punishment in this life so as to avoid an eternity of suffering. And because of his infinite Majesty knows the place which is infinite justice has prepared for the justly deserved punishment of sin, so his infinite mercy is moved by compassion to inflict loving chastisements, with which he warns his sinful creatures to amend their lives so that they may avoid eternal punishment and may live his service first place in their lives.

All this I understand in a second with many tears mingled with the greatest degree of sweetness.